Princess Cruises

We are thrilled with the new Princess Cruises Caribbean & Hawaii brochure. The high quality print and finish are the perfect complement to our eye-catching design, creating great stand-out on the shelf. As a premium brand we require a premium finish - and that is exactly what GD Print have delivered.

Joanne Whitworth
Brand & Advertising Manager, Princess Cruises

Planet Holidays 2015 brochure

When you have spent a few months writing text, selecting over 800 photographs and designing a 244-page holiday brochure, it is always nerve-wracking to give the final OK/go-ahead to the printer and trusting 'your baby' in the hands of a third party.

We should be used to it by now as we've been in the business for years... but, having been disappointed in the past with other printers, nothing stops you sort of dreading receiving a newly printed brochure.

Glad to say that our last experience a few weeks ago with GD Print has been entirely stress-free. The overall printing quality of the 244PP brochure is of a very high standard and the finishing just perfect. Delivery was even earlier than expected! WOW!

But what made it 'extra special' is the team of people we dealt with, namely Laura Fisher and Vince Brady - a perfect duo who prove that a top-class printer is far more than just a fancy printing press!

Thank you to everyone for a great experience and a fab result.

Dominique Jubien-Rickman on behalf of Planet Holidays Ltd

Carve Magazine

We're extremely happy with the way Carve is printed. The customer service is good, the quality of the publication is excellent. When we redesigned the magazine last winter we had a close consultation with the team at GD Print on paper choice to get a good quality paper which was also cost effective. We feel that they got the balance right. The photos leap off the page, with sharp, colourful images - as a surfing publication this is very important for us. As well as quality, efficiency is our priority and the team get it right every time as well as being friendly and easy to work with. Overall very happy with GD Print and whenever I get a phone call from other printers who are keen to print Carve I always say, "No thanks, we're happy with our printers!"

Louise Searle on behalf of Carve

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